We Matter Party – Initial 10 Point Plan

1. We are committed to the fact that everyone matters – no matter race, gender, sexuality, ability, disability, age or wealth.

2. We intend to provide effective and fair representation for all members of society.

3. We intend to level the playing field of inequality.

4. We intend to create a healthier society.

5. We intend to create a greener environment.

6. We intend to tackle the injustices that many members of society face, cause by discrimination.

7. We intend to create a society that creates opportunity for all.

8. We intend to tackle educational under-achievement whilst ensuring that all who are capable can excel, rather than to limit it those that are capable.

9. Tackle the causes of the mass disaffection that many communities face, By creating greater purpose for those individuals to be involved in the political civil and financial governance.

10. To create greater reflective governance throughout society, by ensuring that the glass ceilings are removed and that government both local and national and all authorities for that matter look like the people that it is supposed to represent.

26th November 2020