Desmond Jaddoo is a consecrated Bishop, a community campaigner for equality and social justice and also a former employee of Birmingham City Housing Department.

Desmond is also a husband, father and grandfather.

Are you also group in Aston Birmingham and also lived in Newtown in addition to working there.

His church vision temple of praise is actually based in Newtown also.

Group in the Aston , Newtown, Lozells area and has had business interests in those areas also.

Being a descendant of the Windrush generation and educated locally Desmond clearly understands the issues which the local community face particularly in Newtown .

He has been pivotal in the fight for racial equality and a level playing field for all. 

He has also been involved in the fight against gun and knife crime with the creation of weapons are in the bins, ri control kids school education programs and community out reach.

In addition to this he has surgeries by appointment and has been assisting the local community with various issues over a number of years most notably recently also the issue with the Windrush scandal.

Furthermore, he is also the leader of the We Matter Party and sees that effective representation is required in order to bring about the all important changes that we seek.

He has also been pivotal in the formation of community forums in the Newtown area alongside empowering residents to take control of what is happening within the locality.

He also provides food parcels, support groups for men and women, lead control, anti-violence strategies, keeping areas tidy and will be launching keep Newtown tidy alongside a road safety campaign as well.

Desmond is about holding those in power to account to ensure that they deliver Their duties and responsibilities.

Being your  local councillor  is not about hierarchy, it’s about being a servant to the community.