From our values and origins, meet the Key Members of the We Matter Party and find out how you can work for us and get in touch.

Desmond Jaddoo

Party Leader

Desmond Jaddoo is a married father of four. He has five grandchildren.

He was born in Handsworth Birmingham and his parents are of the Windrush Generation from Jamaica. 

He is a Bishop and a Community Campaigner.

Desmond believes in equality and that everyone has a role to play in society, and should be assisted in achieving their potential by levelling the playing field.

He is involved in Safer Streets, Equality & Social Justice, Windrush, Weapon Surrender, Bleed Control, Deaths in Custody, voter registration, civic and political engagement, youth forums and holding the authorities to account. He is also active in dealing with Police complaints. 

Being a victim of racial discrimination himself, Desmond believes that society must be fairer and accessible for all, and that when it comes to discrimination of any type there should be zero tolerance.

“The We Matter Party has been formed to address the needs of the voiceless and the disaffected, and to give people new purpose to get involved, and ensure that their voices are heard, and there is tangible input around decision-making tables.“



Charlie Williams

General Secretary

Charlie Williams is a Community Campaigner in Birmingham and is an Executive for the Windrush National Organisation (WNO), an Advisor to UCL Virus Watch, and a Social Justice activist for the last 10 years.

Charlie is one of the leading campaign members of Covid19 Bereaved Families For Justice – a group with over 3,000 members. They are actively campaigning for a statutory, independent, public inquiry which aims to uncover the systemic failing of the pandemic and save lives. 

He is also a recipient of the Association of Jamaica Nationals (AJN) Local heroes, Norman Manley Award 2020. Former Windrush Ambassador for the Home Office.