The We Matter Party is a black led party of equality, social justice and reform.

We seek to be representative of all people irrespective of race, social class, age, sexuality, gender, ability, and wealth.

We Matter seeks to level the playing field in society in order to create greater opportunities for all by addressing the mass inequalities that are faced by communities.

The We Matter Party is

the party of fairness,

the party of equality,

the party of social justice,

the party of social reform,

the party of transparency and accountability,

the party of fair representation,

the party of reflective governance,

the party of purpose,

the party of truth,

the party of opportunity,

the party of restoration,

the party of healing,

the party of change,

the party of leadership

and the party of all the people.

The We Matter Party is a breath of fresh air; particularly to the voiceless and powerless by ensuring that their voices are heard and to restore the power to where it naturally belongs; the people.

We Matter Party 1st September 2020