We Matter Party announce candidate for Enfield by-elections

Media Release


We Matter Party announce candidate for Enfield by-elections

The We Matter Party has announced that Hughie Rose will be their candidate in the Enfield Council by-elections due to be held in May. 

If successful Hughie Rose will become the elected councillor for the Southbury ward.

Hughie has been a resident of Enfield for over 15 years. He is a business owner and Director of his company AGA Tours. In 2016, he co-founded Manhood Academy Global, a charity which mentors young people and facilitates a rights of passage programme.

He said, “I’m committed to serving the people of my ward, providing more services and facilities for young people, people with disabilities and older adults.

“If given the opportunity, I would dedicate my time and energy to improve the conditions of the ward. I’m a committed family oriented person who understands the time that we are in and what needs to be done.”

Polling day for the by-elections is expected to be Thursday 6th May, the same day that Party Leader Desmond Jaddoo will be standing for election as West Midlands Police and Crime Commisioner.

Desmond said,“We are in that all-important season of when people want changes and need representation that not only reflects them but also is relevant to them, and that’s a difference that we matter will be bringing as we advance. 

“We warmly encourage the people of Southbury, Enfield that now is the time to have their voices heard. You will no longer be ignored.”